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Google has been showing personalised results worldwide (even for signed out users) since 2009. The idea is that you’ll see results which Google deems to be more relavant to you. For example, if you often search for “football news” and then click through to the BBC’s football page, Google will rank the BBC page higher in your results. This is a great way for Google to show you more relavant search results and provide a better user experience. However, it also poses a problem to SEO’s trying to find “real” rankings. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get non personalised results as well as checking results from Google’s international search engines (.com, .fr etc).

For Chrome users this is really simple. Just follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time.

1. Open up Chrome, click the settings wrench and select Preferences/Settings


2. On the Basics page, click Manage Search Engines under the Search section. This will show a list of all search engines available to Chrome.

Manage search engines

3. Scroll to the Other search engines section at the bottom and enter the following in the 3 fields:

  • Google UK non personalised (This is the name of your search engine and will show up in your search bar when searching)
  • Google UK NP (This is the keyword for your search engine)
  • (This is the important part which removes personalisation and sets the locality of your search)

The pws=0 part removes personalisation while the rest is to set the locality. This example is for the UK but can easily be changed to fr (France), es (Spain) etc. See Google’s full list of country codes.

Other search engines settings

4. You can now choose to set your new search engine as default so you see non personalised results each time you search.

Now, whenever you search you’ll see non personalised results, giving you a clearer idea of your site’s ‘true’ ranking.

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