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Every now and then I add another Firefox SEO add-on tool to my browser. I use these things every day almost as second nature but without them, my job would be a hell of a lot more difficult and time consuming.

The SEOmoz toolbar.

I’ve been using this tool for ages but since becoming a PRO member at SEOmoz, it’s become even more invaluable. It gives essential details on the page you’re viewing such as page and domain authority, inbound link information, an in-depth analysis tool and easy highlighting of no-follow links. It’s especially good for link-building as I can see the worth of any in-bound links before I build them.

Rank Checker.

This is great for reporting. You just enter the domain you’re tracking together with the keywords you’re optimising the site for and run the report. The tool can be customised to show results from regional search engines such as and Keyword groups can also be saved to save time.


Analyse the code of your site and your competitor’s sites to see how you can tweak your code and tags to boost your rankings.

Web Developer Toolbar.

This toolbar has been around for a long time now but is still something I use everyday. It allows quick access to various features such as the ability to quickly disable and enable JavaScript, CSS and images and validate your HTML and CSS. It also has a very handy ruler tool which works quite a lot better then holding a piece of paper up against the screen.

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